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"She takes the time, the skill and the knowledge that she has, to give her best efforts in all that she does when it comes to her writing."

Mrs. Taylor has a great skill in writing. She writes eloquently, she’s a professional, and she takes the time to actually get a sense of the people that she writes for in her writing and that she’s writing to. I can only speak from personal experience of the things that she has written for me. They have been inspirational and exceptional. They have been heart touching, heartfelt, and very loving and compassionate. She takes the time, the skill and the knowledge that she has, to give her best efforts in all that she does when it comes to her writing. I would highly recommend Mrs. Taylor’s services to anyone!

Frequently Asked Questions

Written something but not sure if it’s appropriate or conveys the feelings you want them to hear?  Too easy, send me a copy for review and I will offer you a revised draft.  From there, we will work together to display your feelings as they were meant to be.

Yes! I am vested in your success, and I enjoy showing individuals how to write from their heart as everyone is truly a poet in his/her own right with the right motivation.  We must find your niche in order to tap into your success.  There is nothing wrong with needing help to ensure whatever the occasion is successful.

Everyone and every occasion!  The beauty of writing transcends all walks of life.  Everyone wants their special loved ones to feel love but unable to find the right card or write the perfect love letter.  I can use your thoughts from an interview, and create a template to get your thoughts flowing.  However, we can figure out how to meet your needs for the special occasion.

Let me help you figure out what makes you comfortable to convey your heartfelt thoughts through exercises and coaching tips created for your occasion.

Absolutely!  Many of my clients do not want to tell friends, family members and sometimes significant others they have used my service.  No worries, it will be our little secret as discretion is important and honored.  I appreciate the opportunity to receive your feedback publicly, but I certainly understand and honor your request.

Book my services so we can speak in detail concerning your idea.  I look forward to working with you.

Yes!  Let’s chat in detail by booking my services to see how I can help or revise what you already have in mind.

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